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Move Out Policy

When the unit is vacant, management will perform an inspection of the apartment and complete the second column of the Move in/Move out sheet that you signed when you moved in.  Tenants will be responsible for any damage or conditions not noted on that sheet.


If tenant wishes to be present for the move-out inspection, the tenant must schedule an appointment with APM personnel within normal business hours on or before the day the lease expires.  All personal items and belongings must be removed and the unit needs to be cleaned and ready to be turned over to APM before the inspection can be completed.


If the tenant does not return the unit to APM in a clean condition, the tenant will be responsible for cleaning charges.




  1. Remove all nails, screws, curtain rods, hooks, etc.


  1. Remove all garbage and debris from unit.


  1. All kitchen and bathroom cabinets/drawers/vanities must be cleaned/wiped inside and out.


  1. All kitchen and bathroom fixtures must be cleaned thoroughly and free of soap scum and mold build-up.  Fixtures include sinks, toilets, faucets and tub/shower enclosures.  DO NOT USE abrasive cleaners.


  1. Floors in the kitchen and bathroom must be cleaned thoroughly. 


  1. Carpets in living room, hallway and bedrooms must be vacuumed.  Charges for carpet replacement will depend on the severity of staining/damage to the carpet.


  1. Windows and window sills must be cleaned on the inside.  Sliding glass patio door must be cleaned on the inside and outside.


  1. Refrigerator must be defrosted and cleaned inside and out. This includes moving the refrigerator to clean behind, underneath and on the sides of the refrigerator. All food items should be removed and disposed of properly.  Do not unplug the refrigerator.


  1. The stove and oven must be cleaned inside and out.  This includes moving the stove to clean behind, underneath and on the sides of the stove.


10. Ceiling fan blades and light fixtures need to be wiped off and cleaned.


  1. Heavy smoke/nicotine damage and/or candle soot stained walls will be the responsibility of the tenant.  Charges for cleaning/painting will be taken out of the security deposit to remedy this situation.


Tenant is responsible for contacting the utility companies to have the utilities transferred out of their name.  See Utilities section for contact information.




The deposit shall be returned to the tenant(s) only after the following conditions have been met:


  1. The full lease term must have expired or been terminated without default by the tenant and tenant must not have held over.  “Holding over” is defined as retaining possession of the apartment after either party has given a 30-day written notice of termination.


  1. A 30-day written notice must be given to APM prior to date of termination or expiration.


  1. Keys must be returned to the APM rental office upon vacating the unit or tenant will be charged for the cost of rekeying the locks by a professional locksmith.  Keys are not to be left in the apartment.  Tenant will continue to pay rent until keys are received by APM. 


  1. Tenant’s forwarding address must be provided to APM.


  1. Rental unit must be cleaned thoroughly.  If tenant fails to clean in accordance with the Move-Out Policy, reasonable charges to complete such cleaning shall be deducted from deposit amount.


  1. After inspection, appropriate charges for damages/repairs (beyond reasonable wear), past due/unpaid amounts, final water bills, etc. shall be deducted from the deposit amount.


  1. Security deposit is not to be used to cover last month’s rent.


8. Contact the utility companies and have your name removed from the service.


       Nicor Gas


After the above conditions are met, the balance of the security deposit along with an itemized accounting of any charges will be mailed to the Resident’s forwarding address no later than 30 days after move-out.