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APM handles tenants’ maintenance/repairs requests.  Tenants are not to perform any repairs, except as noted below.  If a tenant has a maintenance or repair issue, they are to call one of the following APM office numbers:


         Morris & Coal City                             815-942-5848

           Email Maintenance (non emergency only)


If you call during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM), let the person answering the phone know that you have a maintenance request and you will be transferred to the proper personnel.


24 HOUR EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE - If you call outside of normal business hours, choose Option #2 from the recorded menu.  Choosing this option will prompt you to leave a message with all the necessary information.  Please be sure to state your name, phone number, address and description of the maintenance issue clearly.  Once you leave a voicemail, the phone system will page maintenance personnel, notifying them of the message.


All maintenance requests are handled on a priority basis.  Emergency issues (i.e. no heat in winter, water heater leak) will be handled first.  APM retains the right to decide the severity of all issues and schedule repairs as necessary.


APM has contracted with a maintenance company for general services and also uses local, licensed, bonded and insured contractors to handle maintenance issues.  If APM’s maintenance person enters your unit when you are not home, a door hanger will be placed on your doorknob, notifying you he was in the unit and the status of the repair.


Tenants are responsible for the following:



  • Furnace Filters: Each unit has a filter that helps the furnace and A/C work more efficiently.  Tenants are responsible for keeping this filter clean and must replace the filter when it is dirty.


  • Toilets: Tenants are responsible for plunging their own toilets.


  • Batteries:  Tenants are responsible for replacing the batteries in the provided smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.


If maintenance personnel are called to repair an issue that is the tenants’ responsibility to maintain, the tenant will be charged.



SNOW REMOVAL (Multi-Units Only) (where applicable)


An outside contractor is responsible for snow removal when accumulation is over two inches and will be done according to the outside contractor’s schedule.





  1. Smoking is prohibited in the common areas.


  1. Common areas are cleaned once a month by a cleaning service.  The cleaning service is responsible for mopping floors and wiping off the washers and dryers.


  1. The entry rugs are cleaned/replaced every two weeks by a rug service company.


  1. Tenants are expected to clean up after themselves if they make a mess in the common areas (i.e. excessive mud from shoes/pets, spilled laundry detergent, drinks, etc.).


  1. All personal belongings should be kept inside the tenant’s apartment unit, with the exception of a welcome mat. Unauthorized items may be disposed of by management without notice.


  1. Closets under the stairs provide access to the crawl spaces and are not be used to store any of the tenants’ personal belongings.  Unauthorized items may be disposed of by management without notice. 


  1. APM is not responsible for any personal items left in the common areas.


  1. Outlets and water spigots in the common areas are to be used only by management and cleaning personnel.


  1. Light bulbs in the common areas will be replaced by APM personnel.


Laundry Facilities (where applicable)


  • Be courteous of your neighbor when using the machines.  Remove clothes from machines in a timely manner.


  • Clean out the lint trap after every use and properly dispose of the lint. 


  • Dispose of empty detergent bottles, fabric softener containers, lint, and dryer sheets properly.


  • Clean up after yourself. (i.e. Wipe up spilled detergent.)